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  • Pearl Diamond Platinum Belle Époque Necklace, circa 1910

    by Unknown
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    Pearl Diamond Platinum Belle Époque Necklace, circa 1910

    by Unknown
    Stock No. 2439
    18ct and Platinum Set, Pearl & Diamond Belle Epoque Necklace c1910
    A fine example of a Belle Epoque necklace. To the reverse 18ct yellow gold with the front platinum “set” with diamonds and a natural pearl to the centre of the ovate tapering bow design. The central bow tapering to a point and filled with a diaomond flower and leaf design.

    The platinum chain is interspersed with a natural pearl every three links to a central diamond with another three link and pearl chain to the pendant.

    Setting diamonds in silver “silver set” was a technique invented in the Victorian period where white coloured gold or platinum was not yet available. As it was impossible to set diamonds in yellow gold (as the yellow will reflect and distort the white colour of the diamond) a technique was invented to have a fine layer of silver over the gold in which to “set” the diamonds. At the turn of the century with the use of white gold and Platinum still in its infancy, this Victorian technique was still being used during this transitional period but updated to using Platinum or white gold to “set” off the diamonds.

    Height 3.7cm
    Width 4.8cm
    Chain to centre diamond 42cm ( 16 1/2” )
    Centre Diamond to bottom of pendant 6.5cm
    All the precious stones in our jewellery are certificated and are natural colours, none have had their colour enhanced by artificial treatment

    Width48.01 mm - 1.89 inches
    Height37.08 mm - 1.46 inches


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